Friday, May 30, 2014

If you had a handyman for a day, what annoying home problem would you have fixed?

If you had a handyman for a day, what annoying home problem would you have fixed? Click here to hire a handyman to help you get ride of them! 

Rental Property Services

Rental Property Services

Property Manager and Landlord Services

Handyman Daily has extensive experience in project management of single and multi family housing and rental properties.
Tenants are more educated about their rights than ever before. Repair issues that are unresolved or take a long time to complete could cost a lot more than just losing a good tenant. An unhappy tenant often turns into vacancies, management agreement cancelations by owners, and sometimes legal actions which are time consuming and costly.
Professional property management companies understand all too well the importance of having a strong maintenance department in the property management field. We have the expertise to completely take over all of your service requests from the new work order to project management to completion.
Handyman Daily has competent project managers that are experts in their field. We know that excellent communication and documentation is an important step in protecting your good name. Our customer service oriented philosophy is instilled throughout our company.
Handyman Daily would love the opportunity to take those maintenance department worries off your shoulders. We are available for anything from completing one project to running your entire maintenance department.
Our staff is familiar with most property management software including Propertyware, Rent Roll, Tenant Pro, Yardi and AMSI.
We can tailor our services to meet your needs and save you money and the headache of dealing with maintenance issues freeing your time to get more clients.
Here is a list of some of the services we offer our property managers and rental property owners:
  • Inspections (move in, move out, and preventative maintenance)
  • Re-key & lock change
  • Trash out / debris removal
  • Painting & drywall repairs
  • Plumbing repairs and new installs: sink, faucet, supply and drain lines
  • Electrical and HVAC repairs and new installs: outlets, lighting, ceiling and exhaust fans
  • Carpet / Tile / Vinyl repairs and installation
  • Cabinet / Countertop repair & replacements
  • Appliance repair & installation
  • Blinds repair or replacement
  • Garage door repair and replacement
  • Power washing the garage floor and drive way
  • Janitorial / carpet cleaning
  • Landscape clean up and monthly service
  • Pool maintenance and monthly service,
  • Other general minor home repairs as requested

Realtor Services

Realtor Services

We offer four valuable home maintenance and remodeling services for Realtors: “Sale-Ready Repairs”, “Home Inspection Repairs”, “Discounted Service Packages For Home Buyers” and “Fix and Flip Remodeling and Repairs”

Sale-Ready Repairs:

Many home buyers are already investing every penny they can get their hands on in order to purchase a home. They are unable or unwilling to purchase a home that will require repairs before they can move in. Additionally, the condition of the house may effect the appraisal causing the buyer’s lender to refuse the loan. Therefore; If the house you are about to put on the market is not move in ready, the buyers are going to move on to the house down the street that is and your seller may have to suffer the consequences.
Many improvements that have an impact on selling a home aren’t very expensive at all. We offer sensible solutions to spruce up your listing and make it move in ready in a timely manner. Within 24 hours from the time you contact us, we visit the property; make some recommendations for you and your seller’s review. Once you select the services we recommend or any other services you request, we will price it according to our discounted hourly rate and schedule an appointment to complete your order in a timely manner for you to begin marketing the property.  Please CLICK HERE to fill out Get A Free Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Estimate with no obligations.

Home Inspection Repairs:

Buyers are not looking for concession. They want to move in right after closing the escrow. You can send us the Buyer Inspection Notice Seller Response (BINSR) or the Home Inspection Report  and let us give you a free estimate using our discounted hourly rates to help you close your deal.  We understand time is of the essence. We act quickly and responsibly to complete the repairs.  We are licensed, bonded and insured. You will be 100% satisfied with our services. Our workmanship is backed by a one year warranty on labor and passed on to the new home owner. Please CLICK HERE to fill out Get A Free Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Estimate with no obligations.

Discounted Service Package for Buyers:

You can purchase a Discounted Service Package to help your buyer make their new house a home! When buyers move to their new home, they have a “Honey Do List” of things they want to be done such as; painting, changing a faucet or a sink, installing a ceiling fan, hanging curtains or pictures, replacing a few blinds or some assistance with landscaping etc. We offer over 100 different services they can choose from our “Service Description List”. You can either purchase a package with your credit card after the sale or Invoice can be settled at close of escrow and requires no up front money. Please CLICK HERE to select one of our packages.

Fix and Flip Remodeling and Repairs:

We have extensive experience with fix and flip repairs and we will bring our home renovation experience to work for you.
A) Before Making An Offer: The extent of the repairs usually dictates the purchase price of a property.  We can help you figure out what repair work needs to be done  before you make that offer in order to get a great deal and maximize your return on your investment. Please CLICK HERE to fill out Get A Free Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Estimate.
B) After The Purchase: Depending on the property, there is a list of items that can be done to enhance the value of the property. Using our expertise and the Handyman Daily Discounted Packages, You can cut the remodeling and repair costs in half adding more to your bottom line. We are licensed, bonded and insured. By hiring us, you reduce your liability and pass on the one year warranty on our workmanship to the new owner. Please CLICK HERE to fill out Get A Free Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Estimate.

Residential Services

Residential Services

We make hiring a handyman simple. No matter what the scope of the job may be, hiring Handyman Daily is the only way that makes any sense to do it!
We offer a variety of minor home repairs and improvements including but not limited to painting, plumbing, flooring, carpentry electrical, landscaping and general and seasonal maintenance work throughout the house.
Handyman Daily has an innovative way of meeting our customers repair and home improvement needs and wants. Traditional handyman services conduct their business on a per job basis costing you a lot more time and money.
Instead, we encourage our customer to buy a discounted service agreement of specific time blocks in 2, 4 or 8 hour increments to save a lot more money with less headaches.
Through our extensive experience we noticed that there were a lot of service calls that would grow from one expected repair to several others. Purchasing repairs by “piece work” can get really expensive for the customer not to mention the time it takes to get them all done.

Here is how it works:

First you click on the map and select the service location near your home
Then you go down the Service Description List and select all the services you need and prioritize them. When done, proceed by “Continue With Selection” at the bottom of the page.  At this point, you have three options:
A) You can proceed to “Buy Package”, “Check Out”, “Create An Account”  and Purchase a service agreement that fits your needs and your budget
B) If you need assistance with selecting the services, you can proceed by sending us a “Submit Service Request For Consultation” , “Create An Account”  and “Submit Your Request”.
C) Or simply call us and we can over the services with you in more detail and assist you with your selection
Once we receive your service request, we contact you to go over them with you in detail and make recommendations to save you time and money.
When you purchase a service agreement, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to complete your order and if we find it necessary, we set a time aside to come and see the scope of the work and order the supply and material needed prior to scheduling an appointment.
You may prefer the top priorities done first while saving to do the less important ones later or just get them all done at once. Either way you can benefit from our discounted rates when you choose the option to buy one of our discounted service packages in time blocks. You can save up to 50% on labor cost when comparing our hourly rates with other major handyman services.
You can either supply the parts and materials or we can order them for you for an additional fee and deliver it to the job site on the day work is scheduled to begin.
If the services you require is major home improvement, such as remodeling your kitchen, flooring, landscaping design, room addition or extension, bathroom renovations, roofing, heating and air conditioning repair or replacement, Major electrical or plumbing that require a general contractor to perform the job, we can help you get a budget friendly estimate through a group of contractors that we have utilized their services for years and have earned our trust. In such cases, Please CLICK HERE to fill out Get A Free Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Estimate and we will contact you to set an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION.
From time to time we run a One Day, Half Day and Two Hour specials. Our service Agreements are good for 12 months from the day your purchase it. If you want to take advantage of our special service agreements, you can simply purchase one and use it when you need service.  Our One day special can be used in two 4 hour increments. You can use 4 hours for repairs at one time and another 4 hours for other services you might need in the future.
We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured. You will be 100% satisfied with our services. Our workmanship is backed by a one year warranty on labor. Our philosophy is do it right the first time and the warranty is just for your peace of mind!